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Italy | Florence  it is the capital of the region of Tuscany and the province of Florence located around the Arno river. The city is well-known world-wide for being the cradle where the Renaissance was born. Florence is the city of the world that owns more pictorial and architectonic works of the Renaissance. The Medici, a very rich family which was in charge of Florence between the 15th and the 16th century, made Florence what is now!! The capital of the Renaissance art. Try to visit Florence in spring, because even if Florence's clima is classified like a temperate continental one, it has very warm summers and droughts, and very fresh and humid winters.

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The guide to compare prices of hotels rooms in Florence, has been designed for travellers which decided to find the best deal on the web. We make comparisons with all the best offers from the majors hotels website and tour operator.

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Hotel prices in Florence change regularly and don't expect the same prices all over the year.

Florence has got a large numbers of budget accommodations, that means you will likely get a room even if you don't book, but we definitely recommend to make a reservation at least 10 days in advance to be sure to get what you are looking for, specially if you are visiting the town in spring or summer.


Florentine food grows out of a tradition of peasant eating rather than rarefied high cooking. Typified by fresh ingredients and simple preparations. Tuscan food has been ranked among the world's best. Tuscan Olive oil and red wine are famous all around the world. Very well known specialities include bruschetta ( grilled bred doused with garlic and extra virgin olive oil) this is a very delicious and simple recipe which was cooked as a ritual at the time of olive oil extraction from the peasant to taste the quality of the fresh oil. The pasta dishes are very reach, very famous are the ravioli maremmani  ( fresh hand made pasta filled with ricotta and spinach) the are very nice with a wild boar meat sauce and the ribollita ( a hearty bean, bread and black cabbage stew ). Florence's main dish is the bistecca fiorentina ( thick sirloin steak on the bone ) grilled with wood charcoal. Chianti is the most famous wine in Florence, considered a table wine for many years, is now been served in major restaurants all over . Wines  as Sassicaia and Brunello di Montalcino are considered high class wines and are very expensive, but we recommend to try them at least ones in life, you want regret the money you spend.


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